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Reagan Funeral

Compact Disc recording of historic State Funeral service.

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Shining City Upon a Hill
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Inspiring Armed Forces Music
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The beautiful State Funeral honoring President Ronald Wilson Reagan on June 11th, 2004 is already being compared to that of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. The stirring words spoken by World leaders, inspiring music performed by Armed Forces orchestras, and stunning visuals created by the nation's capital and California sun will be long remembered by the tens of millions who witnessed their grandeur in person and on television.

Ronald Reagan, the Great Communicator, was welcomed to his final resting place by the most eloquent words spoken and sounds heard in recent American political history. Over one hundred thousand citizens waited in long lines to pass the President's casket as it lay in state under the Capital dome. Thousands more lined the motorcade routes as he passed from sea to shining sea one last time.

This high quality audio compact disc (CD) containing the oratory, blessings, and music shared on the final day is being made available so that this historic commemoration can be replayed and remembered. Tributes include eulogies by President George W. Bush, former President George H. W. Bush (in one of the only public ceremonies actively participated in by both father and son), and Lady Margaret Thatcher. Also included are the touching words shared by the three surviving Reagan children and emotional music performed by several Armed Forces ensembles including the classic Battle Hymn of the Republic, Ave Maria, and Amazing Grace. The full program can be viewed below.

Funeral Service at Washington National Cathedral

US Marine Orchestra & Armed Forces Chorus
Hail to the Chief
Ode to Joy
Battle Hymn of the Republic

Tributes and Readings
The President of the United States
President George H. W. Bush
Justice Sandra O'Connor
Honourable the Baroness Margaret Thatcher
Honourable Brian Mulroney

The Mansions of the Lord, by Glennie-Smith & Wallace

Internment Service at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Words of Remembrance
Michael Reagan
Patti Davis
Ronald Prescott Reagan

Three Volleys of Musketry, U.S. Army Firing Party
Taps, U.S. Army Band Bugler
God Bless America, U.S. Army Chorus

Inspiring History on Compact Disc
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