Original Iraqi Cards

Authentic Pentagon Playing cards given to Coalition troops.

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USA Hero Cards

Military Hero cards support the troops.

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Reagan Funeral

Compact Disc recording of historic State Funeral service.

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Limited Quantities

Presidential Poker

Play from the left or the right with Humorous Election Collectible.

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Showdown 2004

Exclusive Playing Cards
And Comic Poker Game
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Two Great American Pastimes

Trying to convince your friends and family who belongs in the White House? Arguing about whether Bush deals straight or Kerry flip-flops? Whether "Big Time" Cheney or "Southern Charm" Edwards is the real Ace?

Settle it at the poker table! Or at least get a hoot at the funniest and most insightful election collectible of the 2004 Showdown.

These richly illustrated decks contain a unique Hold'em variation that contests the issues at the center of the Presidential Election. Each colorful card contains a hilarious take on the candidates, their policies, and the game of poker.

One side of the box pictures George "Texas Hold'em" Bush, the other side John "Boston Stud" Kerry. The equally balanced cards praise and poke fun at both Republicans and Democrats to stimulate entertaining discussion. The latest in a long tradition of historical playing cards produced by the company that popularized the Official Iraqi Most Wanted cards.

Deal'em to see who'll win the pot. But not until the last card is counted....

 52 Illustrated playing cards plus 3 humorous jokers 
 Rules for a unique poker variation 
 Can be any used for any standard card game 
 Contains personalities and issues from both parties 


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