Trying to convince your friends and family who belongs in the White House? Arguing about whether Bush deals straight or Kerry flip-flops? Settle it at the poker table!

Or at least get a hoot at the funniest election collectible of the season. These are the poker cards that sold out at Madison Square Garden gift shops before the Repubican Convention even began. They are the ones you have heard about on the evening news and will soon see staring in their very own television program. (Don't be confused by imitations; these are the original and only Presidential Poker™ cards.)

The graphics have been described as the best ever created for political playing cards. Each richly illustrated card contains a hilarious take on the candidates, their policies, and the game of poker. Also incudes a wild Hold'em variation that contests the issues at the center of the Presidential Election.

One side of the box pictures George "Texas Hold'em" Bush, the other side John "Boston Stud" Kerry. Praises and pokes fun at both Republicans and Democrats. The latest in a long tradition of historical collectibles by the company that popularized the Official Iraqi Most Wanted cards.


 100+ stunning illustrations plus 3 humorous jokers 
 Thought provoking nicknames and captions 
 Rules for the unique Showdown 2004 poker variation
 Can be any used for any standard card game

Limited Number Printed


The color honor card portraits were rendered by visual hip-hop artist Cojo Art Juggernaut who is a frequent contributor to Maxim, Vibe, King, XXL, and Source magazines. The lower card icons were drawn by RJ Matson, editorial cartoonist for Roll Call, the Capital Hill Newspaper, and the New York Observer.

Presidential Poker joins other best-selling collectible and fund raising publications that celebrate historical events while raising money for important non-profit causes including Alzheimer's Disease Research and Support Groups for Military Service Members.


The Presidential Poker Hold'em variation was created to broaden the appeal of political involvement. Like recent Hollywood produced political documentaries, evening talk shows featuring political personalities, and the colorful political satire on bookstore shelves, playing cards effectively inform while entertaining. Whether or not you play a full evenings worth of Prez Poker or read through the whole deck, we will consider our goal accomplished if you play just a few hands or browse just a few cards. As long as you to think about an issue in a new way or become more motivated to vote, we will be rewarded.

Of course, we'd love you and all your nieghbors to purchase decks of Presidential Poker and cherish them as valuable family collectibles. If you had an original deck of Grover Cleveland Presidential playing cards right now, you wouldn't worry over a few dollars of shipping costs.


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