Presidential Poker

Play from the left or the right with Humorous Election Collectible.

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Showdown 2004

Reagan Funeral

Compact Disc recording of historic State Funeral service.

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Original USA Cards

Military Hero cards support the troops.

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Sale Price: $5.95
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Original Iraqi Cards

Authentic Pentagon Playing cards given to Coalition troops.

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Original Iraqi Most Wanted Cards
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Authentic Iraqi Leadership Identification Cards
Portion of proceeds benefit military support groups

Valuable Collectibles

The very same Most Wanted cards distributed to US Troops in Iraq. Baghdad Rummy are the first Iraq Leadership cards to have been distributed to the public and to have been featured on national television shows, multiple radio programs, and in numerous newspapers and magazines. These are the official cards created by the US Central Command. Be wary of imitations.

Three Free Card Games with all orders.

Free USA Hero Deck with all orders of four or more Official Most Wanted decks to celebrate the success and dedication of our troops.

Donations to support groups for service member families. A portion of all sales benefit non-profit organizations.

As Low as $4.99

Individual Decks $5.95/Each
with Card Game rules ............

Four Decks $4.95/Each +
Free USA DECK ...................

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