Presidential Poker

Play from the left or the right with Humorous Election Collectible.

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Showdown 2004

Reagan Funeral

Compact Disc recording of historic State Funeral service.

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Original USA Cards

Military Hero cards support the troops.

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Original Iraqi Cards

Authentic Pentagon Playing cards given to Coalition troops.

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Exclusive Collector's Package
Limited Production
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The Baghdad Rummy Collector's package includes an authentic Iraqi Most Wanted Deck, a commemorative USA Heroes Deck, a unique historical playing card game, and a rule book describing variations on traditonal military card games.

Know what our brave troops do to relax in between dangerous patrols? In addition to emailing home and trading MRE contents, playing cards is one of the most common pastimes of active and combat duty service members. Ask any infantrymen and he'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Spades.

In addition to Spades, the rulebook contains explanations of other playful variations on traditional civilian Poker, Gin Rummy, Hearts, and War.


Authentic Iraqi Leadership Identificaiton "Most Wanted" Playing Cards
Commemorative USA Heroes Cards depicting weapon systems, top ranking officers, and political leaders (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld)
Collectible Military Bills from each of the five service branches
Concise rule book describing six unique card games and variations

All orders ship by First Class US Mail or two to three day US Priority Mail (if over one pound). Meaningful gift for collectors, history buffs, card players, and students. A portion of all proceeds benefit support groups for service members and their families.

While They Last $14.99 Each!

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